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CryptoCoin.com: Syscoin (SYS)

Syscoin (SYS)

1,490 satoshi
(Source: Poloniex, 301,478 minutes ago)

Syscoin (SYS) is an open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. It attempts to extend Bitcoin's blockchain to provide not only digital money, but also to build a marketplace or a brokerage, and to enable the issuance and exchange of digital certificates. In essence, the project uses the blockchain's cryptographic features to build applications that will solve real-world problems or deliver useful solutions, e.g. verify wills, create trusts or build community trading platforms. Syscoin was launched in April 2004 with an 8% pre-mine, part of which was offered to early investors. Original announcement.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 34 (2.6), 6 months: 56 (1.8), 3 months: 60 (1.4), 4 weeks: 76 (1.1), 1 week: 85 (1.2)

Syscoin Summary
Cryptocoin Syscoin (SYS)
Home Page http://syscoin.org/
User Forums BitcoinTalk.org
Documentation --
Source Code https://github.com/syscoin/syscoin/
Wallet Download http://syscoin.org/
Blockchain Explorer CryptoID.info
Coin Exchanges BinanceBittrexPoloniex
Coin Faucets  
Mining Pools http://pool.syscoin.org/
Related Websites CoinGecko.comCoinwarz.com

Recent Related News
 • 2018-08-23: Cryptocurrency Release: Syscoin (SYS)
 • 2018-05-02: Cryptocurrency Release: Syscoin (SYS) 3.0
 • 2017-03-31: Cryptocurrency Release: Syscoin (SYS) 2.1.3
 • 2017-02-11: Cryptocurrency Release: Syscoin (SYS) 2.1.2
 • 2016-12-19: Cryptocurrency Release: Syscoin (SYS) 2.1.0
 • 2016-07-22: Cryptocurrency Release: Syscoin (SYS) 2.1 Beta 2

 • More Syscoin news...

Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2019-03-05 release notes, source code
2018-12-13 release notes, source code
2018-09-25 release notes, source code
2018-07-18 release notes, source code
2017-09-12 release notes, source code
2016-05-01 release announcement, release notes, source code
2015-11-30 release notes, source code
2015-04-19 release announcement, source code
2014-12-03 release announcement, source code

Syscoin (SYS) Blockchain Statistics, updated 301,496 minutes ago
Block Height * 445,359 Difficulty * 174,947,058,159 Total Supply (SYS) 550,197,563
Source: CryptoID.info. *"Block Height" refers to the total number of completed blocks in the blockchain, while "Difficulty" represents the number of attempts required to find the correct solution and to complete a block of transactions.

Latest Data by Market Aggregation Services (updated 301,496 minutes ago)
 Latest Price (USD)  N/A
 Latest Price (BTC)  N/A N/A
 24-Hour Volume  N/A

Latest Trades (updated 301,496 minutes ago)
 Currency Pair 
SYS-BTC 0.00001492 0.00001499 0.00001493

Recent Syscoin News Roundup
2018-12-22 Syscoin Stages Major Brand Overhaul
2018-07-06 Was Syscoin hacked? Team clarifies the recent confusion related to its trading activity
2018-07-05 Syscoin and Binance Confusion Causes Wild Speculation
2018-07-05 The Aftermath of Syscoin (SYS) Mega Pump and Binance API Attack
2018-07-05 Syscoin: Chain "Fully Operational as per Design" After "Irregular" Trade Activity
2018-07-05 Syscoin (SYS) Maintains Suspicious Transaction Activity Was Unrelated to Binance Trading Irregularities
2018-07-05 Syscoin Is Safe, But Binance Creates An Emergency Cold Wallet
2018-07-04 Syscoin (SYS): Blockchain Was Not Under Attack, Binance Left to Investigate Glitch
2018-07-04 Binance Announces Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU) in Syscoin Incident Aftermath
2018-07-04 Binance explains Syscoin incident, offers zero-fee trading and creates 'SAFU' fund
2018-07-04 240,000,000% Spike in SYS Bitcoin (BTC) Value; "Blockchain Is Safe" - Syscoin Team; Binance Resets API
2018-07-04 Binance CEO ensured all funds are safe after unusual Syscoin transaction
2018-07-04 Single Syscoin Sells for 96 Bitcoin Forcing Binance to Suspend Trading
2018-07-04 Syscoin announced their investigation result after unusual activities
2018-07-04 Speculations over Binance following an entire platform halt after Syscoin activity
2018-07-03 Syscoin's blockchain compromised as 1 SYS trades for 98 Bitcoin on Binance
2018-07-03 Possible Syscoin Pump and Dump Leads Team to Discover Hack
2018-07-03 Syscoin asks exchanges to halt trading due to possible issue with the blockchain
2018-06-18 Syscoin (SYS) Was Hacked, Attacker Replaced the Windows Client
2018-06-17 Syscoin Hacked, Malware Inserted into GitHub Account
2018-06-15 Syscoin's GitHub Account Compromised, Fake Installer Released
2018-05-18 Syscoin (SYS) Charged by Bulls Amidst the Ongoing Bearish Market
2018-04-17 Syscoin (SYS) Looking To End The Month Big With An Updated 3.0 Protocol And Masternode Release
2018-03-29 Syscoin (SYS) Sees Near-Record Volumes on Binance Listing
2018-02-19 A Comprehensive Introduction to Syscoin and Its Blockchain-Based Marketplaces
2017-09-16 Syscoin Begins The Next Phase of its Evolution with Blockmarket, A Decentralized Marketplace Wallet
2017-08-17 Coin Analysis: Syscoin
2017-04-28 Syscoin Becomes First Cryptocurrency To Debut Mainnet Lightning Network
2017-03-15 Syscoin: Business on the Blockchain
2017-03-08 Syscoin Adds New Services to Microsoft Azure BaaS Platform
2017-01-05 Syscoin 2.1's whitepaper released
2016-12-20 A seller's guide to using the Syscoin market as an alternative to eBay
2016-08-10 Revolutionary cryptocurrency Syscoin expands its team
2016-08-10 Syscoin Hires Christopher Marsh To Establish Their Business Presence
2016-06-03 "Syscoin is like eBay": Interview with Developer of Decentralized Marketplace Cryptocurrency
2016-05-21 Syscoin 2.0 Launches DirectBTC on Decentralized Marketplace
2016-05-10 Syscoin Launches an on-Wallet Decentralized Bitcoin Marketplace
2016-04-02 Syscoin Releases Final 2.0 Beta, Cuts Supply by More than Half
2016-03-31 Altcoin Syscoin debuts final 2.0 beta, releases a range of new decentralized functions
2016-03-21 Microsoft Azure Adds Augur, BitShares, Lisk, Syscoin, Slock.it
2016-03-03 Syscoin to accept Bitcoin payments in its decentralized marketplace
2016-02-18 Bitsharia Part 3 – Syscoin Features Are More Advance than Bitcoin
2015-04-25 SYSCOIN joins the SuperNET core
2015-03-02 Syscoin Announces Blockmarket and Other Updates
2015-02-24 Syscoin Says Alleged MintPal Scammer Ryan Kennedy Arrested in U.K.
2015-02-23 Syscoin Update: Focusing on Blockmarket and Platform
2014-12-09 I2p Patch for Syscoin Available, SYS Foundation, Android Wallet & More
2014-11-03 Syscoin Releases Legal Documents from Moolah and Ryan Kennedy
2014-10-30 Syscoin Price Rises After Judge Orders Moolah to Return Bitcoins
2014-10-27 British court orders Moolah to return 750 BTC to Syscoin’s developers
2014-10-27 UK High Court Orders Moolah to Hand Over Syscoin's 750 BTC
2014-10-17 Syscoin Threatens Moolah with Legal Action Over Missing Funds
2014-07-17 Syscoin and Moolah – Partnership & Video
2014-07-08 Syscoin: Building in the Blockchain

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