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CryptoCoin.com: VeriCoin (VRC)

VeriCoin (VRC)

2,610 satoshi
(Source: Bittrex, 301,485 minutes ago)

VeriCoin (VRC) is a decentralised and open-source cryptocurrency forked from Blackcoin in May 2014. It features a variable interest rate which fluctuates depending on how many coins are "staking"; as more coins are used to support (stake) the network, the interest rate climbs.​The project has developed several innovative features into its software, such as VeriBit - a service that allows the user to pay for items with VeriCoin wherever Bitcoin is accepted, and VeriSMS - a text-based gateway and wallet system that enables VeriCoin users to make transactions by sending SMS messages. Original announcement.

Popularity (hits per day): 12 months: 71 (1.7), 6 months: 80 (1.3), 3 months: 85 (1.0), 4 weeks: 86 (1.0), 1 week: 71 (1.4)

VeriCoin Summary
Cryptocoin VeriCoin (VRC)
Home Page http://www.vericoin.info/
User Forums https://vericoinforums.com/
Documentation --
Source Code https://github.com/vericoin/vericoin
Wallet Download https://portal.vericoin.info/vericoin-digital-currency/#vericoin-wallets
Blockchain Explorer http://chainz.cryptoid.info/vrc/
Coin Exchanges http://www.vericoin.info/Bittrex
Coin Faucets http://vrcfaucet.visitbit.com/
Mining Pools http://www.vericoin.info/#tools
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 • 2015-11-25: Cryptocurrency Release: VeriCoin (VRC) 1.6.3
 • 2015-05-27: Cryptocurrency Release: VeriCoin (VRC) 1.6.1

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Release History
Version Release Date Announcement • Release Notes • Changelog • Features List • Source Code
2018-07-23 release notes, source code
2016-10-25 release notes, source code
2015-03-03 release announcement, release notes, source code
2014-11-08 announcement, changelog, source code
2014-08-19 source code

VeriCoin (VRC) Blockchain Statistics, updated 301,502 minutes ago
Block Height * 2,808,626 Difficulty * 0.0886 Total Supply (VRC) 31,580,222
Source: CryptoID.info. *"Block Height" refers to the total number of completed blocks in the blockchain, while "Difficulty" represents the number of attempts required to find the correct solution and to complete a block of transactions.

Latest Data by Market Aggregation Services (updated 301,502 minutes ago)
 Latest Price (USD)  N/A
 Latest Price (BTC)  N/A N/A
 24-Hour Volume  N/A

Latest Trades (updated 301,502 minutes ago)
 Currency Pair 
VRC-BTC 0.00002605

Recent VeriCoin News Roundup
2018-09-19 VeriCoin And Verium To Air Educational Crypto Commercials With Rob Lowe Across US Televisions
2014-12-21 New Developer Joins the Vericoin Team
2014-07-26 Vericoin Review – A Unique Coin with Decentralized PoS
2014-07-14 8 Million Vericoin Hack Prompts Hard Fork to Recover Funds
2014-06-27 Vericoin: The Altcoin You Can Spend Wherever Bitcoin is Accepted
2014-06-20 Vericoin: The Interest-Building Crypto Moving Technology Forward

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